Bullying Prevention and Awareness 365

2018 Event Program

BPA365 | Event Program

The anti-bullying conference will bring a score of exciting and capable experts to share on the importance of limiting and deterring violence, while empowering students! Read on to glimpse the presents attending the vibrant and ambitious conference!

Janeca Holbrook

The Effects of Bullying: Trauma and Lasting Effects on Mental Health 

Rev. Beverly Davis

A Workshop to Help Parents and Staff Understand Bullying and Its Long Term Affects

Dr. Carol Collum

Proven Social Emotional Learning Interventions that Decrease Violent Tendencies

Dr. Terry Solomon 

It takes a Village: Helping Parents, Educators and Community Stakeholders Understand Bullying

Carolyn Strong

Black Girl Blues: An Examination of Intra Racial Bullying and Alternatives to Suspensions

Kathleen McGowan & Jasmine Hernandez

Topic: How to Speak with Students about Online Safety: Tips, Resources & Legal Issues